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“Since working with O&G, our productivity has increased and I am able to successfully implement monthly challenges and specific marketing. Prior to O&G, my consistency was severely lacking, as it was dependent on the patient schedule. Or I would have a great idea and not know how to implement it. I now have dedicated O&G time since I know roughly when I will be receiving action items. My many conversations with them always leave me thinking and striving for more and to do better. The accessibility O&G provides to those of us in the Inner Circle is amazing.”


- Dr. Emily McMahan, Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center

"I leave each Inner Circle meeting with at least one (usually many, many more) take away from members on things they are doing or questions they have asked or been able to answer for me. Having access to the the Inner Circle team allows me the ability to let my mind and creativity soar because I know I can present an idea and there is a team ready to make it happen and they always surpass my expectations.”


 – Dr. Nancy Duncan, Duncan Hearing Healthcare

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